Our kids paint parties are awesome. Our talented teachers make sure your kids and their friends have fun, lots of laughs and learn art skills. Contact us now and we’ll make this happen for you.

You can celebrate kids birthdays and special occasions online or in our studio with style and lots of fun. In-studio parties are currently for 9 guests or less. Parties run for 2 hours, with 1.5 hours of art instruction and 30 minutes at the end to sing Happy Birthday, take pictures, open presents or share a cake.

Bondi Paint Club Kids Party


We provide all the materials each guest needs to unleash their imagination.

For online parties, we directly deliver our paint packs. Go extra special and get easels and aprons for the kids. This can add to your event and be a non-sweet ‘gift pack’ they can enjoy after your party.

We can suggest other add ons such as a specially commissioned artwork to match you party theme, food & drink, apparel, extra art materials and special guests.

Let’s get this party going – contact us now.



Paint Club Pack
$80 pp

This pack provides people with extra materials to practise what they have learnt.

  • 1x private event class
  • 2x 40 x 50cm canvases
  • 7x Global Colours acrylic paints 75ml tubes
  • Mont Marte acrylic paint brush set (4pcs)
  • Aluminium palette


Green Pack
$55 pp

Suits one class and minimises waste. Only available for Sydney-based customers.

  • 1 private event class
  • 1x 40 x 50 cm canvas
  • 5-7x Global Colours paints in compostable pots (30ml)
  • Mont Marte acrylic paint brush set (4pcs)
  • Recycled cardboard palette


max. 10 people
$45 pp

Includes a 1.5 hour painting class at our Bondi studio, with extra time to for birthday cakes, pictures and to sing Happy Birthday.

  • 1 private event class
  • A 40 x 50 cm canvas to paint and take home
  • Special paint brush to take home
  • Supplied paints, palette, apron and easel.


  • Painting Aprons (online events)
  • Easels (online events)
  • Commissioned Artwork
  • Food and Drinks
  • At Location Chef
  • Music Playlist Selections
  • Extra Art Supplies
  • Apparel & Props